How does solvation in the cell affect protein folding and binding? 

CM Davis, M Gruebele, S Sukenik

Current opinion in structural biology 48, 23-29


Weak protein–protein interactions in live cells are quantified by cell-volume modulation

S Sukenik, P Ren, M Gruebele

PNAS 114 (26), 6776-6781

TMAO mediates effective attraction between lipid membranes by partitioning unevenly between bulk and lipid domains

S Sukenik, S Dunsky, A Barnoy, I Shumilin, D Harries

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (44), 29862-29871





Effect of salt on the formation of salt-bridges in β-hairpin peptides

S Sukenik, Y Boyarski, D Harries

Chemical Communications 50 (60), 8193-8196


Balance of enthalpy and entropy in depletion forces

S Sukenik*, L Sapir*, D Harries

Current opinion in colloid & interface science 18 (6), 495-501

Globular protein folding in vitro and in vivo

M Gruebele, K Dave, S Sukenik

Annual review of biophysics 45, 233-251


Can Local Probes Go Global? A Joint Experiment–Simulation Analysis of λ6–85 Folding

S Sukenik, TV Pogorelov, M Gruebele

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 (11), 1960-1965


The Ec-NhaA antiporter switches from antagonistic to synergistic antiport upon a single point mutation

M Dwivedi, S Sukenik, A Friedler, E Padan

Scientific reports 6, 23339


Competing processes of micellization and fibrillization in native and reduced casein proteins

I Portnaya, S Avni, E Kesselman, Y Boyarski, S Sukenik, D Harries, N Dan, U. Cogan, D. Danino

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (32), 22516-22525



Osmolyte induced changes in peptide conformational ensemble correlate with slower amyloid aggregation: a coarse-grained simulation study

S Sukenik, L Sapir, D Harries

Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (12), 5918-5928


Mapping fast protein folding with multiple-site fluorescent probes

MB Prigozhin, SH Chao, S Sukenik, TV Pogorelov, M Gruebele

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (26), 7966-7971

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